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TX750W electrical noises


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Hi, I've read the "Noisy PSU? Read this first!" article, and there are a couple things that i'd like to ask regarding the PSU noises.


  • the noise is intermittent and depending on PC activity, so running games, downloading files, or viewing the internet causes electrical noises from the PSU. The sounds are not very loud or high pitched, but they are noticeable if the room is quiet. I'm just wondering if this is normal for the PSU, or are the PSUs suppose to only have the fan sounds.
  • the noise that the PSU makes can actually be heard through my speakers/headphones as well, if the PSU noises (mentioned earlier) are normal, how can i get minimize/remove the interference from my speaker?


I've got VSync turned on for games, but the noise is still audible in the game. The noise can even be heard while the computer is booting. Is this a sign that the PSU is dieing and needs to be replaced? How can i test the condition of the PSU?


System Specs:



Gigabyte X58A-UD3R


Intel i7 930

Memory (part number)


Video Card # 1

XFX Radeon HD5850

Video Card # 2

XFX Radeon HD5850

Hard Drive # 1

******** 128GB SSD


Coolermaster Haf-X

Power Supply

Corsair TX750W

Operating System

Windows 7 64bit

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  • Corsair Employees

The noises would not indicate that the PSU is failing, but they should not be as loud as you describe. To be certain that the PSU is the cause of the problem and not just reacting to some other problem, I would suggest testing the unit in a different system. If it looks like there is a good chance that the PSU is causing the problems then lets get it replaced!


Request an RMA


The fact that your speakers/headphones are effected makes me think there could be a grounding issue somewhere. Are you connecting your speakers to the rear of the motherboard, a stand alone sound card or a front port on the case?

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