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I/O shield in 700D problem installing


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I have a P6X58D-E motherboard and I'm trying to install the I/O shield in my 700D case.


But I cannot get the motherboard to line up properly on the screwholes inside the case when using the I/O shield. It seems to be properly installed in the case.


Even with applying excessive force on the motherboard I cannot line the screwholes and the motherboard up.




I only have 6 motherboard standoff screws whereas the documentation says: x16.

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The extra standoffs should be in the screw bag that came with the case. If you didn't get one, I would contact Corsair CS and they would probably send you a bag of screws without much fuss.


When lining up with the IO panel, the screw holes will typically be up to about 1/4" off to the left...you have to push and hold the motherboard against the back panel while you screw them in. This is because there are typically little springy metal strips around the ports and the IO panel to give a little spacing (to prevent grounding I would guess).


You also have to be careful sliding it into place, as there are often clips on the IO panel that rest on top of the USB, LAN, and other ports' metal housing inside the case, and they can often slide inside the port as opposed to pressing on the outside of the metal housing. I frequently have to bend them back a bit manually when building systems.

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