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hx1000 + gtx480 sli with my setup?


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just wanted to see if i would have the power to run gtx 480 sli with the hx100 with my current system already have the evga gtx 480 sc+ on order just waiting for it to get here


Asus P6t Deluxe v2

i7 920 D0

noctua nh-d14

creative Fatality Professional

2 640wd blacks in raid 0

5770 cfx

lg bluray burner

1 kit TR3X6G1600C9


Silverstone FT02B LE


nothing is overclocked

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just to ask another ? what should the +12v be running at during idle i never see anything higher then 11.88 at idle and when running prime95 and furmark at the same time it drops to 11.77 using cpuid hwmonitor to read volts.
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