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VS2GBKIT400C3 question


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Sorry I know this topic is out of date. I dont want open a new thread


I can not believe that this combination running on FSB200

I have the same board and the Value Select 2GBKIT400C3 (2x1024MB)

at FSB166 (7-3-3-2.5) it runs without any problems


But FSB200 (8-3-3-3.0) is totally unstable (problems without end!)

I tried to test the rams with memtest

But not work because the PC crashes immediately

the windows xp pro boot SP3/x86 is impossible too


I have tried everything timings defused tension increased (2.7-2.8V), various bios versions tried,


I do not know what should I do :[pouts: i hope you can help me


I'm sorry for the bad english :sigh!:


greetings We$eN

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Hi ramguy!


Thanks for the reply


I think my A7N8X-E was damaged :mad:

now i use an abit AN7 in my htpc


the ValueSelects are running properly stable on PC3200

Timings: 3-3-3-8 (T1) and 2.5-3-3-8 (T1) on 2.6 V

Memtest 2x10 hours tested: 0 errors :sunglasse


greets we$en

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