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CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 and Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R not passing POST


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Just built my system yesterday and have a couple of issues. Firstly, upon receiving the package in the mail I noticed that the RAM had been opened - seals broken. When I opened the box to take the RAM out, 2 sticks fell out and you can tell they were tampered as the plastic casing was not completely closed. Anyway, decided to continue testing things out and noticed that upon cold boot the system reported the memory running at 1066MHz, all 12GB of RAM were successfully reported. I jumped into the BIOS, configured everything and set the XMP profile to Profile 1 - just had done a lot of reading up on this and thought this is the correct way to do it.


The RAM then reported (still in the BIOS) as running at 1600MHz. I rebooted and noticed the LEDs on the motherboard were a combination of green and orange LED's signifying that the RAM is overclocked slightly. It was then that the system began to fail passing the POST and locking up on me. In fact, it didnt lock up completely, because bashing the DEL key to enter the BIOS still resulted in the keystrokes being acknowledge by the PC speaker. I rebooted again twice and got the message that there has been a failed overclock and it was now resorting to the default settings. I entered the BIOS and changed the XMP profile to default (back to 1066) and restarted. It is also worth mentioning that a couple of times after restarting, the system would immediately turn off and I had to press the power button again...


A few times on default settings, it would still stop on reporting the memory in POST but would not proceed any further (IDE, SATA, etc). Then probably by the third or forth time, it passed POST.


Now keep in mind this is a completely new system, all that I am re-using from my old one is the video card, HDD's and DVD.


There are so many options in the BIOS and I have the slightest idea at what some of them do! If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated. It would be great to have a clear guide on what the settings in the BIOS should be because I know for a fact the memory is compatible with this board, hence why I bought it after thorough reading and using the RAM configuration tool on the Corsair site.


One more thing to mention is the the first time I set the XMP to profile 1 (1600HMz), it passed POST. Because the system wasn't booting from CD I had to go back into the BIOS, which is when the problem started after rebooting.


Thanks in advance!

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