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Install Corsair Force120 SSD in 700D


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Ok I may be overlooking something but I'm trying to install the F120GB SSD in my 700D case.


The thing is: the holes don't line up right in the HDD bracket of the case.

there are rubber anti vibration pads on the inside of the bracket, removing the "screw/pin" inside those anti vibration pads helps a bit but I still can't get the front holes to line up right to fasten the screws.

I also cannot get the anti vibration pad out. This might solve the issue since there are no moving parts in the ssd I will not need anti vibration measures.


There is also a 2.5 to 3.5 hdd bracket included with the SSD but that doesn't fit in a million years.


what am I doing wrong? :)






Problem solved.


I used some force to remove the anti vibration pads and I can now easily install the ssd.


I think I was too afraid to break anything :)

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