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H50 - Pump failure?


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Hello all,


Just recently my system began locking up with no reason or rhyme. I began investigating possible causes, and one of them led me to the hardware monitor in my bios.


The temp is immediately rising from just above ambient to high 60's C and eventually into the 70's C before my computer locks up entirely. I haven't changed anything, and it seems to me that the temps should NOT be rising that high in bios unless the pump is failing.


I have used two different sys fan power points and both are set at 100 percent.


It seems like sometimes I can hear the pump turn on, othertimes I can't. It has worked flawlessly since I bought it, up until about the last week to 10 days that it started locking up. For what it's worth, when it did work properly and before the lockups, the temps never got about about 52C, even overclocked, using Prime95.


Mobo: MSI P55-GD65

CPU: i5-750

Thermaltake 850W PSU


Thanks in advance.

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