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Hello, I got the AMD Dominator Series kit and it runs really tight timings of 6-6-6-20 with my CPU and MoBo configuration. But the one thing that I'm kind of sad about is that the tops are Green.


Now I realize that AMD and Green go together. But I'd like the tops to match my MoBo w/o having to purchase the extended length tops. I would gladly jump at the chance to purchase stock length tops from either my online vendor or from Corsair. Is there any way we can get something like this going?


My new ASUS Crosshair board is Red and Black. I know that I can't be the only person that would like to see alternative colors made available. Heck my green top chips have never once been dropped, or scraped or come into contact other than personal flesh to top for installation. Yet my tops have some minor blems in the coating. I'm assuming this is powder coating since the surface for the most part is uniformly even. So it would be nice to even be able to get these replaced with stock replacements.


I'm not sure who I should direct such a request to so I'm posting it here in hopes that someone sees it and can decide whether or not this is feasible.



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