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Corsair TX650W fan not spinning!


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I have this TX650W for less than one year. I just installed a Corsair H50 a few days ago and I realized my PS is burning hot. I never take a look at the fan because it is facing down towards the interior of the case. But I took a look today and the fan isn't moving at all.


The 24pin and 4 pin connectors are correctly connected to the motherboard. All other connectors are connected correctly.





I tried unplugging all cables leaving only the PSU plugged to the power cord and started up the PC, the fan was running smoothly without problem. Then when I plug back everything it was fine at the initial start, but after 2 hours when I check back it stopped moving. Shut down and restart the PC won't help either.


However, when it let it sit for a while the fan starts moving again when I start the PC.


What is wrong??


Please help

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