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Problem with my new PSU - Corsair 400W


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Hello everyone!

Will try to be short and concise about problem.

I bought and install PSU recently, few weeks ago.


Model: CMPSU-400CX


Problem: I everything connect and install correctly. But when I turn the PSU switch ON my front power LED starts to blink with around 2 seconds interval. In this state I can not turn on PC - power on button doesn't react at all. To fix this I have to turn PSU switch back off (then blinking of LED stops but after few more times - its not instant off) and then switch it back ON. And repeat procedure few more times until I do not get blinking of LED when PSU is switched ON.


This problem seems worsening over time (I mean, now after few weeks of using that PC and PSU) - I have to turn it on and off quite some times to get it at normal state so I can turn on PC.


So question is, is that known problem, is there anything I could do or should I go straight to the shop (Links, Croatia) where I bought PSU reporting problem and asking for new one (I have all papers of course...)?


Thanks for any assistance.

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  • Corsair Employees

Its most likely got to be the motherboard or the PSU. I would make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard, and load setup defaults and see if there is any change. IF possible it may also be a good idea to test the PSU in a different system to see if you can duplicate the same issues. If it looks like it could be the PSU then we can definitely replace it for you.


Request an RMA

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Unfortunately its impossible for me to test PSU on other PC. I'm not sure does it have any relations to motherboard but BIOS shouldn't have any influence over my problem because it doesn't even get initialized when I already have a problem, right? When is all setup and ready, and I'm about to turn on PC...


Anyway, not sure about requesting RMA, think I will go to local shop where I bought PSU first... And let them manage this for me... I think thats how the procedure usually goes. :o

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