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R60 random disappearing at boot +1


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Just wanted to add yet another R60 randomly dropping off bios for no particular reason thread.


I originally purchased 2 of these drives for a raid 1 array in my HTPC but despite being able to install one of the drives would constantly drop, at random, on boot, failing the array. After hours/days of antagonising troubleshooting I gave up and transferred one of the drives to my work machine which needed a hdd upgrade anyway.


Lo and behold my HTPC now works fine, but the hdd in my work machine will randomly, and for no particular or apparent reason drop off at boot despite working before, and destined to work after.


I am about to RMA the drive, effectively taking my work machine and livelihood out of action for a number of days or weeks. However seeing a number of other threads on here describing exactly the same problem i am disappointed at Corsair for their apparent lack of effective resolution. This problem should never have happened in the first place, and given the still relatively high cost of SDD this whole experience has been enormously frustrating. If I had the choice/money i would throw both drives away and go with a more reliable company.

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The sad thing is, there really is not any more reliable companies or drives out there. I have researched out other drives from other companies and if you dig deep enough you see that there are reliability issues across the board with SSD technology.


SSDs were not ready for the mass consumer market, and now the consumer is paying a heavy price with aggravation and reliability

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