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PC shutdown, followed by burning smell

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Hello everyone :)


Here's what happened. I was browsing forums and what not, and watching streaming videos on YouTube. I look away, and my PC just randomly shuts down, and then followed by the shut down there's a burning smell. This has never happened with my rig before, it's the first time.


I immediately unplugged the PSU cable from the back of my rig, and looked into the see-through side panel of my rig, and saw no smoke/fire/damage. I removed the side-panel and looked around with a flashlight. There were no blown capacitors on the mobo, no smoke coming from a piece of hardware, etc. Everything was also cool to the touch.


I smelled in the rig, but I can't remember if the burning smell got stronger when I did that. Either way, there was a burning smell after my rig randomly shutdown.


I put the power cable back in, and booted up. No BSOD, no burning smell, no errors, it's almost like it never happened.


I checked temps with Everest Ultimate Edition and everything was fine.


CPU is at 44c idle, GPU is 41c idle, etc. I read online, and posted on an overclock forum I'm active at, they said they think/said it's my PSU. So here I am, asking for support :)


Is there anything I can do to test to see if it was the PSU? I mean, I obviously can't open it to check for a blown capacitor because that will unfortunately void the warranty of the PSU.


Like I said, it's almost like nothing happened. My rig shutdown, I opened the case, there was no smoke, no fire, etc.


I'm definitely worried, though. And I don't want to just let it go, and I hope you understand that.



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Also, just a small update if this is of any use.


I was told by multiple people on an overclock forum that I'm active at that my version/low-end Gigabyte boards are known for bad VRM's.


I was told to run a stress test for 1-2 mins just to let things heat up and touch the VRM'S. If they were hot to the touch, then there's my source of the smell/shutdown/problem.


So I ran Prime95 Blend for about 2 minutes, laid my index finger across 2-3 VRM's (little black things on the motherboard that say like R60 on them) and they were HOT! So was that area of the motherboard.


Also.. another probable symptom... My almost 5 year old hard drive. I just rebooted cause I wanted to check temps/voltages in PC Health/Status in the BIOS.. And this is what happened.




See how the EXE's aren't being displayed correctly? Could my almost 5 year old hard drive be failing, and that could have possibly been the source of the smell? Or could that have just been caused by the sudden shutdown.


What do you think, Corsair?

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