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4xXMS6404v2.1 & Asus P5K-VM


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I have an Asus P5K-VM with 4 sticks of CM2X1024-6400C4. I know the configurator does not list my mobo but P5K-V is listed as compatibe. I've tried everthing but still have stability issues. Had problems with Vista; installed 7 and same problems. System would hang randomly, or at startup, it would freeze right after the bios on the loading Windows screen.


Win 7's Memory test reports memory problem right at the beginning of the test.


I'm currenty running bios 1001; experienced same problems with other versions of the bios. Tried to manually set timing to 4-4-4-12 and DDR2-800 but still have the same problems.


I've tested evey stick and same problem. I even tested 2 of the sticks with an Asus Commando board and same problems. I've had this problem for a long time. From what I recall the first few months I purchased them they were ok but after a while started having these issues. I've also noticed the sticks get extremely hot; not sure if that's normal.


Any help is much appreciated.

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The manual settings I tried with same results:


In the BIOS, under Advanced->JumperFree Configuration, I changed the following:

DRAM Frequencey: DDR2-800MHz

DRAM Timing Control: Manual

CAS# Latency: 4

RAS# to CAS# Dely: 4 DRAM Clocks

RAS# Precharge: 4 DRAM Clocks

RAS# Activate to Precharge: 12 DRAM Clocks

TRRD: Auto

TRFC: Auto

TWR: Auto

TWTR: Auto

TRTP: Auto


everything else is set to Auto

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It happens with 3 of the sticks I have. One of the sticks I let it go to the end of the test and no errors. System is stable at 4-4-4-12 with that one stick but adding any of the other 3 sticks gives errors in memtest and system becomes unstable.
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Thanks; I shipped the 3 sticks couple of days ago just to find out today that the other stick has problems too. I ran memtest a few times and got errors.

I guess i'll have to wait for the other 3 sticks to arrive and then send this one in.

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