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ITX Power Supply?


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Today I was dreaming up a watercooled ITX build on the Lian-Li Q-08 and one thing struck me - the lack of a decent, small ITX PSU that was powerful enough to have a 5770 and an i5 in it.


So I thought if Corsair could design a modular PSU for smaller cases, with shorter cables for smaller cases based on the ATX design but not so long (less than 10cm would be ideal) compared to a conventional design .


Ideal specs:




24-pin ATX

4-pin cpu


Modular (each one would be on a septate cable w/ a seprate port ie. 1 molex on its own cable)

3 molex


6-pin PCI-E


I realise this is is a niche market but it would be quite interesting to see what Corsair could come up with for this problem.

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Definitely an interesting idea, but I have not seen any official announcements regarding a product like this from Corsair. Only time will tell if we decide to enter this segment of the PSU market.
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