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Corsair Warranty worldwide?

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Hello Corsair support!


I wanted to know if corsair honors warranty world wide.

If I buy some memory sticks from the US and and I live somewhere in India would corsair still honor warranty in case something does go bad? I wouldnt mind shipping them back to corsair US/Taiwan if they fail.

Buying the same memory in India is too expensive. The same CORSAIR XMS3 12800 which retails for 190$ in the US costs allmost 320$ here!


I had RMAed my PDP SSD and I had no trouble with the customs. They shipped back a new drive once they got the defective one.


Things have become easier here. We can now ship out and Ram and other products for RMA without any paper work. Also we dont get charged any customs duty or tax as long as its coming back from RMA.


Hope Im not breaking any rules posting this link here



This is the one Im buying! I just wanted to know corsair will honor warranty :)





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