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Acceptable temps?


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Where can I find the acceptable temps for running a 32nm Core i7 980X? I am overclocked to a max of 4.0gHtz and I do not want to risk cooking an expensive processor like this. (yes this is only a minor overclock) I have read the Intel literature that I can find and anything I can find on the web and I just can't seem to understand it in the end.


On a 20 minute Prime95 run I am getting 80-82C on the CPU case and 68C-70C on the hottest core.


Running a video editing software in the worst case render (CPU Hovers at 99.6%) of more than an hour I get a locked in CPU case temp of 79C with the hottest core at 67C-68C with a spike of 70C just once.


My case cooling is fine. The Mobo stays at 41-42C. I am using the H50 on the processor. Clearly it is cooling because when work stops, by the count of three, it is 50C or below and in 15 seconds it is around 40C.


How do I find out if I need to throttle this thing back to protect it?

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Page 77, Table 6.2;


Power = 130W, Tcase_max = 67.9C


Where Tcase = Processor case temperature, see Page 79, Figure 6-2 for location of thermistor/thermocouple (geometric center of the top surface of the IHS).


Since most people won't have this temperature sensor in place, the best that can be done is to average the CPU core temperatures and use that value as a proxy for Tcase (you could possibly add a few degrees C to Table 6.2 since the cores are undoubtedly a few degrees higher than what an in situ Tcase would report).


Based on your current numbers, everything looks just fine.

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Thank you so very much.


So TCase is not the CPU case temp reported by Asus Probe and the AI Suite? I knew that they were different than the core temps reported by Real Temp etc. In the Intel reading it said something about case being +5C of the cores. I wonder what Asus Probe is reporting from, hmmm.


If the average of the cores is my target then I feel better. I have made it a point to target a max core at about 68C for the hottest core. Not being a computer engineer I probably shouldn't be messing around with overclocking, but I have tried to stay conservative. If this were a gaming computer with a $300 processor I would be less worried.

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