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CM3X2G1333C9 and Intel DP55WB compatability?


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I've been experiencing rather frequent BSOD's on a new Win7-64 system, and I'm wondering if my memory is to blame in some fashion.


The system is currently configured with an Intel DP55WB motherboard and two sticks of 2GB RAM (4GB total) of Corsair CM3X2G1333C9 memory.


When I look at the memory configuration utility, I don't see anything that looks all that close listed. Do I have an not-entirely-compatible motherboard / memory configuration here that's causing my problems or should this setup work?


I obtained the part numbers from the CPU-Z utility version 1.54.



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Those modules should be fine on that board have you set the memory voltages to 1.6v in the bios? Also have you tried running memtest from memtest.org?


uhhhh, 1.6V in the BIOS? I looked in the BIOS earlier, and I remember it said 1.5V. I saw a way to change the clock rate of the memory, but I didn't see any way of changing the voltage. I'm pretty sure I have the most recent BIOS available for my motherboard.


Would using 1.5V vs. 1.6V be enough to cause problems?

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Sorry for the late reply; I was traveling last week so I didn't get a chance to fiddle with my system.


I did let the "memtest" program run the whole week I was gone. I didn't see any errors, but it apparently did reboot at least once during the week. (The "total runtime counter" was only at 40 hours or so when I got back, and I would have expected it to be well over 200 hours since it had been running for about nine days).


I was able to figure out how to adjust the memory voltage to 1.6V via the BIOS. Seems to be stable for the first day; I'll try running memtest again over the weekend.


Thanks for the assistance.

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