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Corsair H50 and Thermal Compound


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So I want to purchase the corsair H50 as lets be honest it is a great product. But I do have a concern.


At the moment I have a Q6600 which could really use the corsair H50 because at the moment its at 2.4 GHz and theres no room to overclock as my cooler is pants.


However I do want to upgrade in the future of course but I've read people about the thermal compound. Some people have stated they get much better temperatures with the stock thermal compound and I've seen when people use other compounds they get much higher temperatures, between 5-10 degrees which is a large difference.


Is this the same with alot of people? I dont want to use it now then install on a new rig and have +10 degrees on my cpu.



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Our thermal compound is pre-cured. Most other thermal compound can take a few days to a week to cure and that's possibly why you have seen people with higher temperatures after a reinstall. There are really too many factors to consider to give you a definite answer. The results between our thermal compound and a different one can be influenced by the amount that you are using, the type of material, the way you are measuring the temperature, the position of the sun during your test, etc. With a +10 degree difference I would suspect that the thermal material was not applied correctly. When comparing thermal materials, I rarely see differences that are more than about 3-5 degrees.
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