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New build memory issue


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Hi Folks,


I'm new to this system building, please forgive my ignorance and go easy on me...


I have a pretty irritating problem with my new build. I cannot get it to POST properly or get me to the BIOS screen. When it is down to just the PSU, Mobo and processor I can get the POST to beep at me. But when I plug in the memory in any configuration the system refuses to beep at all. Am I loosing the plot?! The memory is down as AMD compatible and I'm pulling my hair out wondering how to get this thing going.


Any help would be really appreciated, I'm about to resort to a pc repairman, please help keep my wallet and my dignity intact.



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ok, on the lower right hand corner of the board there is a blue jumper to reset the bios, most boards are shipped with the jumper in the reset position. check your manual as to which position it should be in for active use.


the only other thing that comes to mind is also make sure the 8 pin eatx cable is plugged into the board as well.


let us know.

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