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can you send replacement first?


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sorry if this has been asked before, but i reviewed the FAQ and did a few searchers.


im just wondering if Corsair is willing to put my credit card on file, send me the replacement RAM, and then i send mine back. My pc is my work and i cant see myself going without it. it would be a HUGE help if this is possible.


i ask this here because i had a GTX 280 graphics card that went out on me. the card was about 3x the price as the RAM. i would get random artifacting and bluescreens pretty often. i contacted them and they put my credit card on file and charged me nothing (as long as i sent my defective device back in the time given of coarse). when i got the replacement it worked perfectly. it was also very cool because i was able to just put my defective device in the box that came in and ship it right back. i just so happen to live (walking) 2 minutes from the post office hehe!

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ya i do have the RMA and everything, i just havent shipped it. i just dont want to ship it off and lose my pc for a while. even a day without it makes a huge problem for me.


how long does the whole deal take? i send mine in, then they send the RMA to me.


bbuuutt.... are you saying after i get the RMA number they may be able to send me the replacement so im not completely without my "job", heh?

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