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750tx cpu power problem


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It's a long story, so bear with me.


I was playing on my comp when the power on it went out, and I figured it was an overheating problem. Waited a few minutes and tried to power it back up. Didn't work.


Found the paperclip test, tried that, and it worked. BUT, it fails when i try the CPU power cable. I tried unplugging the CPU HS/fan, and the fan twitched and made a quiet clicking noise. OK, getting closer. Tried again with the CPU out, but the HS/fan plugged in. Both fans twitched, and the psu made the same low clicking noise. Now I can be pretty sure it is the CPU power connector. Is there any thing I can do to confirm this? I don't have another socket 1366 CPU or fan I can try, unfortunately. If it is the CPU power connector, what can I do about it?



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