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Asus M4N98TD and CMD4GX3M2A1600C8


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I have built a new system around the Asus M4N98TD. It will run with default BIOS settings but will crash to blue screen or freeze unexpectedly. It can run for hours without crashing. I am trying to determine the cause of these crashes.


To eliminate memory from the list. I would like to know the proper BIOS settings for these memory chips. Memtest tested okay with 1333Mhz 8-8-8-24 and command rate 1T. It will also run with 9-9-9-24. In both cases can crash unexpectedly.


Have not been able to run at 1600MHz as it will crash right after Windows splash screen.


In reading some of the forums the 2A may not be the right modules for AMD although it is in the Asus recommended module list. Could this be the problem?

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amds rally dont like 1t settings. try 2t

other than that the ram is for intel, asus is retarded. ALWAYS check the component mfgr for compatibility first. yes i know thats redundant now but it really frustrates me to see so many people suffer from wrong information given by 2nd parties.


ok, the SPDs are programed for intel but you still may have a shot. try 1333 or 1066 8,8,8,24 2t and see if it is stable. then you can try @1600 2t.

i have built 40+ AMD boxes in the past couple years and NONE of them booted with 1t settings. not one. that seems to me to be an intel only flavor.


good luck edulle.

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Well its been 2 days at 2T without an incident.


When I got my MB Corsair didn't have it listed in Memroy Finder. So I went by the ASUS recommendation. Now I see Corsair doesn't even list any 1600 chips for that MB.


If you look at the AMI bios settings there's a gazillion settings and everything is auto. I just wish I could find a good manual on what all these things mean. AMI doesn't have anything that I could find.

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