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Real help needed EP31-DS3L and corsair Ram modules


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I hope that I can get someone with atleast more knowledge than myself to WALK me through the BIOS, CPU-Z and Memtest86+ to help me completely fix my board


All components are compatible according to the Gigabyte website


My computer was running fine until I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate.

I am now constantly am getting BSOD's

They started off being (memory management) or (page pool error in non paged area)

So I followed the advice of a lot of techs at first such as to run MEMtest86+

I did so for at least 10 full tests NO ERRORS at a timing of although this was by total guess work in the bios … However, BIG - however, I still got the BSOD's

So I checked out the hard drive re installed the operating system..Etc.. Still same issue...

Ran memtest86+ again although this time i PROBE the memory instead of using the bios settings.... this is when errors started filing through... it indicated that module 4 at 3564mb was failing …. So I remove and retested

I probed the memory again …..Fine - no errors- retested no errors (10 tests)

Restarted computer, bang BSOD … (memory management) ….restarted BSOD (IRQ not less than equal) - I think


Restarted in diagnostic repair mode. Sort out more help was told to run CPU-Z

SPD reports incorrect model numbers and module sizes..

Memory reports more memory than I have fitted…so how can I pass all memory test and get all wrong data here.

Yes I have tried each module on its own.. memtest all fine …

If we could please start by some guru giving me the best settings for this type of ram in my bios noting the type of CPU I have E7400 Intel Duo 2.8 GHz

I do personally believe it is Memory related…. And the test indicate this however which ones and how can I conclusively prove each module….


I have attached the screen shots of CPU-Z please notice the memory screen


Then Take alook at each model that is actually listed by SPD ... do this while taking into account none of these modules showed any errors for individual MEMTEST86+ for atleast 5 pass each and a total of 19 pass oover two runs for all three modules..... what the hell is going on


Ps every time i reload CPU-z the memory value (size) changes ..

example if i open it now the memory states ....27904MB i now close and reopen it it now states 15488MB in the same field... arrhhhh.. this is the program you guys are recommending with Memtest86+


pleeaaasee help me


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The attached files are of my current bios settings...

Iam not looking at over clocking just want a stable machine..that runs to the spec's of the hardware... before i assembled the hardware i made sure that each piece was listed compatible both on the corsair, intel and gigabyte sites.


What i have no also found is that each time i set the SPD multipilier to 2.0 which sets the freq to 533mhz which to my calculation 1066mhz ......The Memory Freq resets itself to 400mhz..

This is despite that 1066mhz is the same as the spec for the Corsair Ram

and the Intel Processor, and considering the board is capable of 1600mhz FSB according to spec's ...

Intel® P31 + ICH7 Chipset

1.Revolution energy saving design with GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver(DES) technology.

2.Supports Intel® Core™ 2 multi-core and 45nm processors to FSB 1600 (O.C.)

3.Dual Channel DDR2 1066(O.C.) for remarkable system performance

4.Ultimate graphics performance with PCI-E x16 interface

5.Integrated high speed SATA 3Gb/s

6.Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet connection

7.Home theater quality 8-channel High Definition Audio


what would the correct settings be

I just read. that the MCH voltage for four (4) 1gig corsair ram modules should be 1.3 to 1.4v on the memory controller... where can i change this setting in my bios?


if i am capable at running this board at 1066 then the ram voltage should be 2.1volts right? thats what it states on the sticks.! what i dont understand is why you drop the voltage when running at 800mhz to 1.95 to 2.0volts or even why you would want to run it lower than its specifications....


basically if i wanted to travel a 50mph (80Klm/h) i would not buy a ferrari...

same in reverse ...i dont what this machine to be a ferrari just to run to spec's without falling over.....! i believe iam entitled to atleast that !


Thanks for any assistance !


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Ok ..... seems like you guys don't want to help... !

well let mr hopefully be able to help someone with similar problem...!


Issue... how can i really identify which ram module is faulty even when no one here can tell you to how to correctly set your bios ....


from other sites i have gain this information which may help a little.

My modules: 4 x cm2x1024-8500c5d 2.1volt ver1.5 although.... i am led to believe they call them twins (twin2x2048-8500c5d) because you need atleast two...but thats no what the sticker on the module say's..!


anyway ..after all the problems describe above i ended up finding a test regime that seemed to work .... no thanks to the guys here !

this is only for the award bios.. might work similar

1. firstly default set bios to optimum

2. In main Menu of bios press the ctrl and F1 buttons together(allows acess to advanced timing section of award bios)

3. Enter the MIT menu

4. Set the CPU clock ratio 10x

5. Fine CPU clock ratio to .5

6. CPU host Freq to 266mhz

7. System Memory multiplier to 4x

8. Dram timing selectable to manual

9. Cas, Cas delay, Precharge,and precharge delay 5-5-5-15

10. System Voltage control to manual

a. For the EP31-ds3l gigabyte board set the Dram o/voltage to 0.3

b. set the Pci e o/voltage to 0.1

c. set the FSB o/voltage to 0.1

d. Set the MCH o/voltage to .1



11. For the E7400 CPU set to 1.325 as this CPU is stable up to 1.3 - 1.35

a. For all others check cpu voltage first then have a look at pc health menu to see what it is actually running at!

Now save and exit bios


Turn computer off remove all dram and label 1, 2, etc

Now place the first one in start pc run memetest86+


Try to run full test pass if error halt test as there is no need to go further

If Ram passes tighten ram settings as follows and retest each time

5-4-5-15 then 5-4-5-14 then 5-4-5-13 if you get to this point your that’s great


Next do the same for all modules.. when finished anything that does not meet the 5-5-5- 15 minimum send back GET it replaced.


Now to get the system to be stable try this setting 5-6-6-18 (asumming they passed the 5-5-5-15 timing spec) … it should now never fail at these timings(well so Have been told By a self proclaimed GURU) lets all hope he is right..


PS : This way I was able to identify a pair of modules that failed poorly

one still had errors at a timing of 5-7-7-24 they other errors at 5-5-5-18



Goodluck guys…. I hope I don’t have to return… but will see how good the replacements are..

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"Federal holiday in the USA = 3 day weekend. No one from Corsair's even SEEN the thread yet :)":eek::o:


No i really look like a dumb ***..... sorry corsair for the flame !:D:


Just so frustrated ..... that nothing was working as spec'd:[pouts:


maybe you can check what i have posted and revise if iam wrong or atleast give the best possible settings !!;):

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Regarding point 11.

I see no reason for this.

You don't overclock your cpu, so keep it volts at default/auto. Nothing is more damaging then volts and heat for your cpu. It's not so high that I think damage is done already! But I run my Q9550 at 1.22V at 3.6GHZ!

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  • Corsair Employees
With Intel Chipsets of this class you cannot run the memory frequency faster then the CPU FSB, so the fastest you can run the memory would be DDR1066 unless you over clock the CPU.
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Regarding point 11.

I see no reason for this.

You don't overclock your cpu, so keep it volts at default/auto. Nothing is more damaging then volts and heat for your cpu. It's not so high that I think damage is done already! But I run my Q9550 at 1.22V at 3.6GHZ!


Sorry my impression of overclocking was pushing a chip or hardware beyond its rated specification thereby inducing more heat which requires additional measures to help maintain stability such as extra cooling.


In the case of My processor E7400 the spec's say VID Voltage Range 0.8500V-1.3625V so running the e7400 at 1.325 should be well within spec's shouldnt it ?


also as points 6 and 7 state;

6. CPU host Freq to 266mhz

7. System Memory multiplier to 4x


from my understanding that is 4 x 266hz which equals 1066


The Intel CPU e7400 has a spec for the FSB Speed of 1066 MHz so they should be matched


although maybe i have one of the bios CPU FSB setttings wrong if so please let me know.. CPU-Z states:

bus as 266mhz

rated FSB 1066mhz


as seen in the attachment.

from this information in CPU-z i would believe that the CPU and FSB are Matched


Please tell me if iam wrong as i need to get my head around all this..

I thought i did already !


Ram guy is my ram running to spec with info i have given you !


also do you agree with how i tested my ram and the process i followed?


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