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HX1000W - problems with powering the entire system.


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Got a new HX1000W today - I've been after a new PSU for some time and saved up to buy the HX1000W. After two false alarms, the delivery man finally rung the doorbell.


Unpacked it, plugged everything in, taking particular care to make sure everything was in securely, etc and, with excitement, turned it on.




I've spent the last four and a half hours swapping things in and out to get my computer working. It's a high-spec machine, yes, but what should that matter? A three-year old PSU (1000W XClio) powers it just fine, why shouldn't a brand new HX1000W? The Corsair PSU calculator recommends a 650W PSU...


So, I've finally worked out the limits - all five HDDs, my graphics card, DVD drive, motherboard, CPU, sound card, RAM and three out of eight fans.


Yes, just three... and that's with the graphics card plugged into 12V1 - with it plugged into the cables hardwired to the PSU (12V2) I can only power one fan (with four sticks of RAM. Anything less and I can power two fans).


The fans are all 120mm, 12V, 0.72A. The old PSU (which I'm replacing because it squeals at me constantly, even when not under load) managed seven out of the eight.


A three-year old XClio, 1000W, two rails each at 35A (25A @5V) beats a brand new modular Corsair, 1000W with two rails each at 40A (30A @5V).


Am I stupid to think that the more powerful, new PSU should be able to power all eight fans on top of the rest of the system? Or is it a faulty PSU?

I was planning on upgrading my graphics card soon, too (I quite fancy two GTX480's in SLI, which I should be able to afford with money from a Summer job). Fat chance of that - I'll need another new PSU... and it'll cost me upwards of £30 to return this one to Scan. With the upgrades the PSU calculator recommends the HX1000W...

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What happens with everything plugged in when you power on the system? Do the fans turn on and stay on and you get nothing on the screen, or do the fans spin for a moment and then everything shuts down? It sounds like you either have a bad unit or our unit is picking up a short somewhere and the previous PSU may have been missing it.
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With everything plugged in and turned on at the plug all my motherboard lights are on, so I know there's power going to the machine. When I press the power button, everything kicks in for a split-second but goes no further - the HDD and Power lights on the front of the case flicker on and every fan turns maybe a quarter turn, but that's it.


I tried the paperclip test earlier with one of the fans plugged in, and a similar thing happened - both the PSU fan and the case fan started spinning but wound down to a halt within a second or two.

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Fair enough.


Quick question, if I may - any idea how long the RMA process might take? I'm at University at the moment, but only for another month or so before I go home (start of July). I've sent back RAM in the past, and I've had times ranging from just over a week to nearly two months.

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