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TX650W - Clicking/Rapid Buzzing Sound


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I've seen that there are a lot of "Why is my PSU making "X" noise?" and none of them seem to help.


My issue is similar, but my PSU has been working for 6 months now and I had left for vacation about 4 days ago with PC off and everything, got back and after 5-10 minutes of having it On it made that "electrical"/buzzing sound.


I have checked the fan, there's nothing hitting it.

I have unhooked all the wires and reconnected everything.

I put the PSU in on its own to run it and it still runs, but the sound remains.

I have never heard this before until today after 6 months of use.


My question is, is it just faulty?

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Just a quick update:


I left my comp running for about a good hour since I was ready to buy a new PSU, sound stopped out of nowhere and just left my PC on and haven't heard it since. Not sure what was going on or what happened.

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  • Corsair Employees

The sound would not indicate anything functionally wrong with the PSU, nor would it indicate any increased chance of failure, it is purely a cosmetic disturbance caused by either the PSU itself, the motherboard or the graphics card/graphics drivers. If the noise gets loud enough to be bothersome and you have been able to rule out the motherboard and graphics card as possible causes then we can replace the unit for you.


Request an RMA

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