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TX650 said good by with big bang and flash


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bought a TX650 a year ago (06-30-2009). Had some Problems with it in my old system, as you can see here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=79556. But as i need my PC, i decided to run with the 2 PSU trick, cause was planning to buy a new MoBo/CPU/RAM so i can kick out the old Enermax PSU and just use the Corsair. Well 2 months ago new parts arrived, build in and all running fine with just the Corsair PSU. But yesterday it said goodby with a loud bang and bright flash inside the PSU, close to the Powerswitch.

Was the AMD Phenom II 945 with 2x2GB-DDR3-1333 on Gigabyte MA770t-UD3, HD4870, 2xSATA HD, 1xIDE HD, 1xIDE OPD, 5x120mm Fan and 2x80mm Fan too much for this PSU?

Other Question is cause my Flat is a bit dusty, and lol no im cleaning regulary, i have to clean every Fan in my System every Month cause all the dust, that why i decided to open the PSU and clean the Fan with a soft Brush. Warranty lost? Any Chance for RMA?

Greetings Nano

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