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H50 w/ 140mm -> 120mm fan adapter?


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My case is a Lian-Li PC-Q08.




It has a 120mm top exhaust fan and a 140mm front intake fan. Both fans are white LED fans (yes, looks matter in this case since the case is sitting on my desk).


I also have a PSU w/ a 135mm fan.


I tried placing the H50 radiator + 120mm fan up top where the case exhaust fan goes, but it won't fit because the PSU gets in the way:





My options are:


1) Use a 120x20mm fan w/ the radiator up top so it will fit. (Has anyone seen a SLIM 120mm white LED fan)?


2) Use one of these 140mm to 120mm adapters:



on the front intake fan.



Would this adapter even work with the H50's radiator? Basically it would be setup like this:


Radiator : 120mm to 140mm adapter : 140mm fan : front case grill



I really wanted to avoid placing the radiator up front because I wanted that 140mm fan blowing over all of the ITX motherboard and components, but placing the H50 up front seems to be the best option.

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