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New build, can't get stable (TW3X4G1333C9A)


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edit with update:

Problem may actually be solved. I ran a 24 hour no error memtest86+ on one stick of RAM and using just that one stick of RAM I did a fresh install of Vista and have been running stable for 6 hours or so. I admit that with all the RAM testing I did before replacing the motherboard I don't think I even tested the RAM after putting the pair into the new motherboard. I have found the RAM slots on this mobo must be real sensitive as I've had multiple occasions where I got lots of memory errors right after installing RAM and had to reseat the RAM to fix it. So the new mobo may have fixed the problem, but I just needed to reseat the ram. Hasn't been long enough to be sure and need to get more sticks in there, but really hoping I'm good to go now. I will put a 2nd stick in now, run memtest86+ overnight and if no errors see if Windows is still stable tomorrow.



Since there were some awesome deals with the release of AMD's 6 core processors I upgraded my system. However, I first got it built about 2 weeks ago and I have not been able to get it stable. Since the deals were so good lots of people got the same components and no one else seemed to have any issues so I can't see it being a RAM/mobo compatibility problem.


Moved from an Intel DDR2 to an AMD DDR3 system so have new motherboard, CPU, and RAM. Other than the CPU cooler, everything else is the same. I added everything to my profile when I registered.


I already replaced the motherboard and the problems still exist so once again I am forced to look at the RAM although I did a lot of testing before doing the mobo RMA. It has to be either the RAM or the CPU. Unfortunately I have no other AMD CPU or any different DDR3 RAM to swap in. I'm almost desperate enough to buy a cheap CPU to test with. I really need this up and running. I've had to spend most of the last couple weeks trying to get this stable as I need it to get work done.



1) Blue screen of death's regularly with different errors almost every time. Sometimes it will be several hours before one comes up and sometimes it will come up very soon after boot. They usually occur when I'm installing Windows updates, installing programs, or right after installing an OS (first boot before I can log on).

2) Programs crash occasionally. In two occasions I've had applications start crashing every time I try to run them, even after uninstall/reinstall, etc.

3) Today the PC started freezing up (could still move mouse) for minutes at a time. It would finish a simple task and come back for a couple minutes before freezing up again.


The following may be related to Sound Blaster X-Fi drivers but I am not sure. I know the above problems occur when I don't have the sound card installed.

4) On one Vista installation Creative MediaSource player did not play music correctly. Sound was slightly distorted every 5-10 seconds during a song.

5) I have a feeling the above issue is not a driver issue, but I get unusually long start up and boot times which I think may be a Creative driver issue. I'm not sure if I experience this before installing the sound card.


RAM timings/voltage are correctly set automatically by the motherboard. I got 4 2GB sticks and I know 1 is bad, but after figuring that out I stopped using it and have been running various combinations of 1 or 2 sticks. I've been waiting to be 100% sure the rest are working before trying to get that replaced.


I did lengthy tests with both memtest86+ and hci's memtest with the old motherboard. The confirmed bad stick fails after a few passes and soon gets many thousand errors. The two sticks I've been running for awhile got one error right when I was about to stop testing the pair running together (at about the 14th hour of memtest86+). However I ran them alone for about the same length of time and neither showed an error. This is when I decided to RMA the motherboard which didn't fix the problem.


I am so frustrated trying to get this system usable. The only thing I feel I can do is run memtest86+ for AT LEAST 24-48 hours on each stick. Any other advice?

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System has been stable for a couple days now on one pair of good RAM. So I need to RMA the one bad stick of RAM. It seems that Corsair recommends returning both sticks? I purchased 2 pairs and unfortunately at this point I have lost track of which came together.


Should I just send the one bad stick back or two sticks? I don't think there is any way I can figure out which came together, but the three I have appear to work fine together (with any two installed at one time).


Also I am unsure of what the Model Version # is when it asks during the RMA. I'm picking TW3X4G1333C9A as the model. On the packaging and receipt it has a G after the model "TW3X4G1333C9A G". There is also a number above the model "10120699" I'm guessing the model version is G, but not sure?



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