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VX550W heating up inside of case and not blowing exhaust


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Hi, this was to be my first post on the Corsair Support Forums, but i accidentally posted this question in the non-Corsair portion on the forum before i posted it here.


I bought a VX-550W PSU and I was very pleased with the quality and design, especially the sleaved cables. Also loved the little corsair bag it came in.


The problem is that now it my CPU temperature reads up to 68 degrees Celcius when in full use and about 42 degrees Celcius when idling. It used to be about the same when idling but only 55 degrees when in full use. (this was before i swapped the stock 350 Watt PSU for the 550 watt PSU.)

I Also installed a HD 3850 AGP and this is the reason I needed a stronger PSU.


I think the reason for this heat problem is that there is no air blowing out the back of my computer and the exhaust grill of the PSU is really hot and so is the case around the PSU.


My old PSU was a stock 350 watt unit and had an exhaust fan much smaller than that of the VX-550W, but it blew air out strongly and the inside of the my case did not get near as hot. I know that the fan of the VX-550W is working, as i can hear it and see it moving if i open my case.


Other than this heat problem the power supply of the PSU is perfectly fine, as i have seen the stable voltages in BIOS.


Anyways my questions is:


Is this lack of air blowing out the back normal, or could the fan be defective somehow?


and if the the fan or something else is defective, can i return my VX-550 to Corsair for a proper unit, as the 30 day in-store warranty has expired unfortunaly before I understood that these high temperatures were a problem for my P4 CPU. The PSU is very well within the 5 year warranty provided by Corsair.


Any response would be appreciated



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Our PSUs are not designed to cool anything other than the PSU itself. They will spin at very low RPM most of the time in order to reduce their noise level. Some PSUs use a smaller fan which spins at a faster RPM and that may have helped with the airflow in your case. I would suggest adding a additional exhaust or intake fan to your setup to help with the airflow.
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Ty for your reply, sorry for my late reply.


I'll briefly rephrase my problem because it seems you misunderstood the issue.


The PSU runs way too hot.


Even when I play Call of Duty 2 or Gothic 3, there is never any air blowing and the psu runs way hotter than it is supposed to.


The fan is not cooling the PSU properly and I think i need it repaired or replaced. I understand Corsair has an RMA policy. Could you tell me if I can RMA this PSU so that it is fixed?


Thanks again, Daniel

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Thanks you for replying once again RAMGUY, I will fill out the RMA form, and believe me if you felt this PSU in action im pretty sure you would want it replaced too. If you have any advice or instructions for me to RMA this PSU please post.


Thanks again, Daniel


P.S. Sorry for the unclarity and length of my first post.

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