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TW3X4G1333C9DHX and Asus Rampage Extreme - Configuration


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Hello again,


I've just bought a Asus Rampage Extreme mainboard. Also have a two kits of TW3X4G1333C9DHX G (8GB RAM), what doesn't want to work with previous P5Q3 Asus mainboard (probably .


I've set in bios Dram frequency to 1333 Mhz, and Timings 9-9-9-24. Everything looks great, but works a little unstable. System is restarting without any information for eg. during Prime95 Torture Test.


Also tried this configuration under upper DRAM Voltage - 1,6 V.


Can someone give me, probably best configuration for my workstation to try it and test?


Please help.


Best regards,


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Just for the info. One kit of these RAM (2x2GB) works prety stable (1.6V, 9-9-9-24 2T). Is there is a chance to receive 8 GB on this motherboard?


I am little confused, because this is my second motherboard what I've buyed for this Corsair memories.


Best regards,


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Update the bios on the motherboard and you may want to tr giving the NB/MCH a voltage bump to handle the extra memory. However if you continue having issues test each kit individually and all of the slots individually to narrow down the issue.
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Hello there,


first of all sorry for hardware spec in my post. I've just pust some info into my profile.


I have the latest version of bios from Asus website. Also see that there is no rule about stability. System restarting without any info when working on one kit (2x2GB pair) too.


I've done a memtest last night. And receive no errors, all tests passed.



I'am attaching my bios settings below. Could you please suggest me what change to receive a stability configuration?


Here are my settings:






And here is actual voltages:



Some help will be very appreciated.


Best regards,


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Thanks for reply.


During past few days I've made many tests and the best result what I receive was with VDram 1,7-1,72 and VNB 1,4-1,42 range. Unfortunately there were a rebots (Win XP/Win 7) and freeze (Win 7) too :[pouts:.


All below those ranges configurations was very unstable. Sometimes rebooting after a couple minutes in normal work mode (Browser etc.) just after fresh stand up, sometimes after a 20-40 mintues after start a Torture test in Prime95. I Can't see any rule about reboot.


Please help.

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After I've reached VNB=1,40 I'am still looking over the temperatures and other values in PC Probe II software delivered by Asus. There is nothing abnormal to me, but I may be wrong.


Please check this out...


In chillout:

CPU = 30C

MB = 35C

SB = 47C

NB = 50C

PSU = 32C



In Stress:

CPU = 51C

MB = 45C

SB = 49C

NB = 60C

PSU = 40C



62C was the highest temperature what I have ever reached on the North Bridge. There were no hottest component than NB during this time. Unfortunately I don't have a thermometer on DRAM sticks.


Thanks for any follow suggestions.



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I think there will be not so easy to mount some extra cooler over the North Bridge. In this mainboard radiators have a realy specific curves and sizes. But at last I will try.


Not only NB is hot. My DRAM modules radiators are preety hot too and look like they may have to burn. Maybe I need to mount some fans over my RAM too?

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Hmmm it's a little bit strange, because I've also spoken with Asus support, and they tolds me that 62-66*C temperatures over the NB in stress is normal for X48 chipset, and I have nothing to worrry about.


Also I've test the default bios settings. In default settings stability issues not happend. The same was with previous P5Q3 Mobo. Unfortunatelly in default setting bios sets lower Dram Frequency as 1066 Mhz, and highest timings 7-7-7-20. Default DRAM Voltage is 1,6 and VNB 1,33.


But what is realy strange the NB temperature is a few degress lest than with previous tested settings with highest voltages and 1333 Mhz. In stress NB have 60-61 Celcious degree. Also when touching DRAM modules I feel that they are little coolest than before.


I am realy thinking about Memory Cooler. Witch of these will be better for my motherboard and memory:


- Corsair CMXAF1 (witch is dedicated to my Memory too)

- Corsair CMXAF2

- or maybe Arctic Cooling RC Turbo Module (link)


I read somewhere, that CMXAF1 is a little bit too louder and CMXAF2 is better and silent.


I am also looking for chipset cooler...

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Hmmm it's a little bit strange, because I've also spoken with Asus support, and they tolds me that 62-66*C temperatures over the NB in stress is normal for X48 chipset, and I have nothing to worrry about.


If you have a spare fan laying around, you could "ghetto mod" it and mount it temporarily over the NB. Keep in mind that cooler is better. The fan could very well help since you are trouble shooting a stability issue, running an elevated NB voltage, and running 4 modules.

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According to yours suggestions yesterday I found and old home ventilator/fan.


Also open the case, and installed additional turbine/fan over the NB witch was included with this MOBO. After that I put cold fresh air stream over the NB and DRAM sticks using home vent.




Max NB temp in stress with that homemade cooling was 48-50*C, and unfortunatelly there was a reboot too :(.

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I think the solution were founded. I've posted my problem also over Asus forum (link to discussion).


With combined settings from here (voltages) and from there (Guys at Asus Forum) I've started to test with timings setting.


The default timings for 4GB (one pair kit) was:

1st: 9-9-9-24-4-60-8-4

2nd: 10-4-5-4-7-4-7

3rd: 19-6-1-10-10


witch was very stable configuration but no for 8GB - two kits :(.


I read a little bit about DRAM timings settings and tried to change Row Refresh Cycle Time. After many test I've found that with 82 value system is preety stable.


Please take a look over my Bios settings:


Extreme Tweaker

Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]

FSB Frequency [333]

CPU Ratio Setting [07.5]

PCIE Frequency [100]


DRAM Frequency [DDR3-1333MHz]

DRAM Command Rate [2N]

DRAM Timing Control [Manual]


1st Information: 9-9-9-24-4-
-8-4 [WRITE Recovery Time and Read to PRE Time set to Auto]

2nd Information: 10-4-5-4-7-4-7 [All set to Auto]

3rd Information: 19-6-1-10-10 [All set to Auto]


DRAM Static Read Control [Disabled]

DRAM Dynamic Write Control [Disabled]


Load-Line Calibration [Disabled]

FSB Termination Voltage [1.25916]

North Bridge Voltage [1.40497]

DRAM Voltage [1.70981]


CPU Spread Spectrum [Disabled]

PCIE Spread Spectrum [Disabled]


All other settings to [Auto]


Configure advanced CPU settings

CPU Ratio Setting [07.5]

C1E Support [Disabled]

CPU TM Function [Enabled]

Max CPUID Value Limit [Disabled]

Execute Disable Bit [Enabled]

Core Multi-Processing [Enabled]


Please let me know what do you think?

May I do something more for better performance and stability?


Any opinions and suggestions will be appreciated.


Best regards,



P.S. I've mounted also one more fan in the front of case. Still waiting for delivery with ram cooler and case side cooler.

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