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HX620W - Fan Specs ?


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Hi guys,

I have a HX620W (uk model) fitted to my dads pc, and it has started making a small niose, hard to describe, like the bearings on the fan are worn or scraping a little, it is failry high pitched/frequency and not loud enuogh to hear unless you are inside 1m of the pc, and then only identifiable as the PSU when you get up close to it, as far as i can tell it's still spinning ok, just starting to exhibit early signs of wear


So, i'd like to replace the fan before it causes me any issues or gets worse/stops spinning, but before i do i need to know the basic specs on the fan, like cfm, rpm at full speed, confirm it's a 12v fan, connector type, although if it's hard wired that doesnt bother me much, and it's basic dimensions to ensure i purchase a suitable replacement (likely to be one of the scythe gentle typhoon range)


some info...


1. Mounted normal orientation, fan at the bottom in the bottom of an ######## P182 case, with an 800rpm Scythe Gentle Typhoon fan in front to ensure it's fed some air

2. It is outside the warranty period. ;): (turns out it's not)

3. It has been used in a fairly harsh environment, and had the dust blown out on a regular basis using compressed air (low pressure) but that could be a reason for the slight noise the fan is now making

4. I am competent to change the fan ! so please dont advise against it on safety grounds :laughing:



so, can anyone help ? ... the PSU appears to be functioning just fine other than this little noise

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