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Hmm this is Bad I'm assuming? P128 Degradation


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After using the drive for roughly 6 months I started noticing hangs and slow load ups. So I decided to check these forums to see if there is anything I can do while preserving my current build (kinda busy time for me).


First off thanks Ram Guy, all the information you put out has been very useful. I was able to update the firmware and take note of all the suggestions you have made.


So in short I updated the firmware, ghosted my drive, used P Magic and erased my drive completely and restored my image.


The drive has come back to life and I have noticed a difference in load times, however when running Crystal Disk Mark I notice my speeds are a bit slower than what most people have posted.


I'm just wondering if this is due to the the amount of data on my drive?


Any suggestions or does my numbers look normal?


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When you say that you used Ghost for the image, Ghost does not work well with SSD's, I would try it again and use Accronis to create and restore the image and see if that helps.
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