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H50 + Gigabyte P55M-UD2 = High temps?


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So, After having to reinstall the h50 on a different board (the one mentioned above) I bought some Arctic Silver 5 to replace the stock interface material.


I drew the line for my i5 proc, set it down, and after having a little bit of initial difficulty getting the retention bracket to line up, screwed it in. I plugged the radiator fan into the CPU fan slot (up at the upper left of the board) and the pump down in the system fan slot (at the bottom right).


As far as I know, these are the only fan headers on the mobo, yet after downloading a temperture/fan app (Speedfan) im seeing temperatures of at lowest, 27-30c system temps, and 30c all the way up to 90-95c cpu temps. I havent done any overclocking, and everything is at factory settings.


Could this be due to bad thermal paste application, curing time, or something else?

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Well, after seeing temps upwards of 95c, I attempted to plug the pump directly into the power supply. Low and behold, temperatures have plummeted down to a cozy 20-40c range in idle.


Thanks for taking the time to read this thread at least. Mods, feel free to lock or delete now.

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