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Might have a 750TX problem


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Lately I've been having trouble with the computer I built about a year ago. My computer will turn on without a problem after its been sitting for a while. Usually it will run just fine until I do anything that puts much load on the system. I can surf the web no problem, at least for an hour or so. Once any load is put on the system, it locks up, the mouse still moves, numlock on the keyboard works, but then the screen goes black and reboots. Upon the reboot, the bios does not recognize the hard drive. It will then need to be turned off and let sit for awhile before it won't immediately crash. At one point the symptoms went away for around a week but have since returned.


So far I've tested the memory with memtest and it showed up clean. I've also checked to see if heat was the issue. I reseated my heatsink and fan and checked to see if my temperatures had changed since I first built the system and they were around the same normal range. I just recently replaced a faulty video card so I am hoping that is not the problem. I have not yet tested the power supply with the paper clip test because I figured since the system will boot up then the paper clip test would most likely be a pass.


I was thinking it might be the power supply but I'm looking for any guidance. As far as my resources go, I am rather limited. This is the only computer I have at the moment so as far as swapping out parts goes, I don't have anything.


My current build is listed in my profile.


Thanks for any help!

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It looks like you have already ruled out a few things, the next thing I would try would be to booth the system up into safe mode and see if you are able to duplicate the same problems. If the problems still show up in safe mode, then there is likely either a hardware problem or possibly an issue with the Windows installation. If the issues disappear in safe mode, then there is likely a software or driver issue.
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Alright, so far I have not been able to duplicate the problem in safe mode. Usually something like copying files to a USB drive would do the trick butive been copying away for an hour.


Edit: I was able to duplicate the crash after all. Before the crash however I got a blue screen but I was unable to read it before it disappeared. The rest of the crash was the same as the ones I get outside of safe mode.


Edit 2: I got a picture of the blue screen, if that helps.


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