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750TX - not sure what the problem is


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Symptoms: (maybe 3-5 times/10 boots)

1. Hit power button on case

2. Fans spin, lights come on, no post

3. PC shuts off

4. PC turns on

5. PC either:

5a. Boots up fine, no problems

5b. no post, reset fixes this


Symptoms: (maybe 1/10 boots)

1. Hit power button

2. Fans spin, lights come on no post

3. Reset fixes this



1. Set bios to load fail safe - still have the problem

2. Removed PCI-E GPU and booted off onboard video - still had the problem

3. Did the paperclip test with the PSU with 3 x 120mm fans, 1 x 200 mm fan, and one floppy. Tested fine with 10 tests

4. Removed motherboard and ensured nothing was touching case, verified standoffs - same problems

5. Redid/reseated all connections/cables except CPU

6. Ran memtest for 4 hours - no problems with RAM



Besides hardware, my only other thought was a bios update. I do have a Zalman CNPS 9700 CPU Cooler and perhaps I damaged the CPU when installing. I think I tossed the OEM fan so I can't test with that.



AMD Phenom X4 Agena 9850

BFG 8800 GTS 512(G92)

2 x 2gb GSKILL DDR2800

Corsair 750TX PSU


At this point, I believe the problem is either the mother board or cpu. Does anyone have any other suggestions on testing or if I'm not diagnosing this properly/headed in the wrong direction?


Thanks for any and all help.

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What does the sticker on your RAM say which voltage is needed ?


Might be that you have to run the RAM with 2,0V instead of 1,8V (Standard DDR2 Voltage).


I have to do that with my 2x2GB A-Data Vitesta Extreme.


Good luck !

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