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TX750 Died Day One...

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One week after all of my parts arrived, I started assembling my computer. The computer booted with default BIOS settings successfully. Then, I used the computer to play a game of Starcraft 2. After about one hour of gameplay, my computer shut itself down. I thought it was a power outage at first, but it was strange because nothing else powered down. So, I booted the computer up again. I tried Starcraft 2 again, 2 or 3 minutes after playing, it shuts down. Now, I am thinking that something overheated. It was strange because the only thing that runs hot was my graphics card. I tried it again, but, this time, I monitored the temperature while playing. The only thing that was hot was my graphic card according to the temperature monitor. So, I continued to playing my game. One minute later, it shuts off. This time, I cannot boot my computer manually. So, I let it cool down. After 30 minutes, my computer decides to boot itself. 3 minutes after it shuts down. It rested there until the next day when I decided to diagnosis the computer to find faulty hardware and possible short circuits.


Next day, I tried powering on the system through the motherboard, but the system was powered on for half of a second before it goes out. The lights turned on and the fans were spinning for that half of a second. So, I decided to power the system for each piece I disassemble from the computer to test if the disassembled piece was the cause. Eventually, the motherboard/cpu alone failed to stay on upon hitting the power switch on the motherboard. I tried the motherboard itself, and that did not work either. At this point, it was a combination of faulty hardware from the power set of motherboard, cpu, and psu. I did not have another computer to test my power supply on, and I did not have another power supply to test my system.


I surfed around the net with my laptop for possible diagnosis and found the paperclip test. I could not find any paperclips at my home, but I had resistors and other conductive items (staples) and used them to ground the \PS_ON pin. The fan does not spin when grounding the pin.


Next day, I brought paperclips from my work desk back home. It did not the pass the paperclip test.


So, I conclude that my TX750W power supply has died.


Thank you in advance for your help.


-- Simon Tang

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