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Concerns - RMA, speed of replacement

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Hi. I need to take a moment and express some concerns about the Corsair RMA cross-shipment process.


I am a home based PC user. I run an i7 system with a few drives and good graphic card that runs well with a Corsair HX1000w. I use my PC for 3d graphics and print publishing projects, am a full time college student who not only attends classes on campus but takes accredited online courses, and I really just don't have the extra cash to purchase spare parts such as motherboards, cpu’s, and power supplies just in case something goes wrong. As most products are covered under seemingly great warranties, purchasing two of the same items to build a single PC just doesn’t make good financial sense to me as a consumer.


Last Saturday something went wrong, and my system melted. At least one component burned out, so on Monday I called Intel to report the problem. Step 1 was to replace the motherboard, which I received on Tuesday because of their excellent cross-shipment plan. The new motherboard did not correct the problem, so, taking the next step, I called Intel again and was immediately sent a replacement CPU. It arrived this Wednesday morning.


I reassembled everything and the motherboard did not light up at all, which suggested my power supply is bad. I attached a very old and crappy Ultra 750w which allowed the board to light up (but not the PC to run because it's crappy). I reattached the Corsair and no lights on the motherboard lit up.

I contacted Corsair and was given the same level of incredible customer service as I received from Intel, except that I may have to wait 24 hours for my RMA number to arrive (Intel took my phone number, promised to call back, and did call back each time within 1 hour).


I was advised by Corsair that once I receive my RMA that I could call and request a cross-shipment. The RMA arrived within a reasonable amount of time, about 2 hours which is well under the 24 hour potential.


I called back to tech support, was promptly transferred to the right area without any problems or delays, and was advised that cross-shipment is subject to availability... and the HX1000w was out of stock and not scheduled to be restocked until Thursday of next week. I was told to call back next Wednesday.


This means that I'm going to lose a full week of work before I can request the replacement, and then because of the timing, Thursday, the unit, if it is in stock, may not be shipped until Friday in which case I will not receive it until Monday or Tuesday the following week. All in all, it looks like I’m losing approximately 3 weeks of work and online college courses because of a bad power supply.


I'm happy with Intel because the replacement parts were shipped the same day I reported the problem, and I received those parts the very next day.

I'm happy with Corsair because they have agreed to replace the component without any question or hassle, and were incredibly polite on the telephone and did not waste any time, but I am unhappy with Corsair because they are out of stock of the item I urgently need replaced.


This power supply is among the top-of-the-line if not the top-of the-line. I understand that problems like this will be rare, and although I'm happy the warranty is being honored without question, Corsair is out of stock of the item. Combined with the speed in which the item can be replaced, Corsair sends a powerful message to me as a consumer.


I know that if I buy an Intel motherboard or cpu and it breaks, I can get a replacement the next business day. That means I only have to buy one of each component. I am confident that if I have a problem with an Intel component, the problem will be resolved mighty darn fast. That tells me that Intel values me not only as a first-time buyer but as someone who will continue to buy their products—and by the way they have responded to my problem, I will.


So, with the Corsair product, I'm in a jam. I cannot wait 3 weeks to get a replacement power supply. I need a new power supply by this Friday at the latest, and Corsair cannot help. Now, it’s nice that Corsair is polite on the phone and is honoring the warranty, but since I now know that if and when any Corsair product that I own breaks that it may take up to 3 weeks to get replaced, I’m certainly much less likely to risk buying one of their products again in the near future.


I believe the Corsair appreciates the revenue gained from my first purchase, but based on the turn-around time to correct this problem, they certainly do not value me as a future customer.


I also believe that the product is not in stock because of mismanagement within the company. I’m not angry that that the product broke because these things happen. Failure to keep a product in stock, and in this case I prefer to believe a product that is top-of-the line, is not a failure of the product but a failure of management within the company.


I know that the warranty is being honored and I will get a replacement power supply, but waiting almost 3 weeks from the time the original burned-out is really unacceptable for me as a home-based consumer.

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  • Corsair Employees
I understand you are frustrated and I do understand but this PSU is our top of the line model and it has got great reviews so they are just selling very well, I am sorry for the delay but I am afraid there is not much we can do I would keep checking with our customer service as they will have more up to date information.
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Hi, thanks.


I understand there are a lot of circumstances to the situation and I appreciate your concern.


My sincere hope is that Corsair will make the necessary corrections within management to lessen the possibility of this happening again to someone else (or me in the unlikely event it happens again).


Have a great day and weekend.

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  • Corsair Employees
We do try to do what we can but all inventory comes from the same place and if someone places a big order they will be filled with what is in stock and all orders are processed first come first serve no matter they are RMA orders or customer orders. I would suggest talking to our customer service and see if there are any updates as the order status can change from day to day.
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Just to follow-up on my post:


I called Customer Service on Wednesday to request a cross-shipment / advance replacement, again. This time they were able to accept the request, and advised me they still expect the product to arrive on Thursday, but warned me that it might not arrive until Friday in which case they won't be able to send it out until that time. I understood the circumstances and they took my billing information to process the request.


The product arrived in stock on Thursday, and it was shipped out to me that same day by UPS ground.


The product arrived at my door on Friday, the very next day.


I installed the new Corsair and the system works great.


Thank you for the excellent warranty and customer service. Management should still make a greater effort to keep these products in stock so customers like me who can't afford redundant systems do not lose so much work time, but in spite of that, the warranty is great and the customer service has been absolutely incredible.



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