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Am I out of luck on warranty?

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I built a new computer for my kiddo a while back. He started it up few days ago and instead of turning on, smoke started coming out of it. I opened up the case and saw the PSU cable (Corsair 650w) leading up to the Motherboard Atx connector (EATX12V) was burned! It had melted and got stuck to the EATX12V connection on mother board.


The only way out was to cut one of the cable of the PSU since it had melted slight and got stuck on mobo. I thought about it and cutting was the only way to go. Now I have a $200 mobo and $100 PSU (Corsair 650w) both dead. I am fairly certain something is wrong with the PSU.


I have requested for RMA. The question is, am I screwed or will I get my psu replaced?


Thank you

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