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What's wrong with my H50 temperature


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I recently upgraded from a Cooler Master Hyper 212 to a Corsair H50.


Here are the changes in temps:


Idle in BIOS



Real Temp average



The high/low on both coolers are nearly identical.


Now this is understandable for the CM212 since the difference is not much but for the H50, it is a big difference between the BIOS temp and the temp with Windows 7 loaded.


The two questions I have are


Why is there such a big difference in temperatures in the BIOS and on Windows 7 with the H50?


Why didn't my temperatures drop after upgrading to the H50 from the 212 (at least on Real Temp)?


ambient temp is at 24-25c

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The temperature reported in the BIOS is not the same as the temperatures reported in RealTemp/SpeedFan for the physical cores.


On my MB Temp3 (as titled in SpeedFan) is the same as the BIOS CPU temperature, run a stress test to determine which of the SpeedFan Temp# is the matching BIOS CPU temperature.


It should be the only Temp# that rises and falls when switching from full load to no load.


On my MB the BIOS CPU temperature is always several degrees C below the corresponding CPU core temperatures as reported by RealTemp/SpeedFan.

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