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+5V SB transformers in Seasonic made PSU's


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Hello guys,


I own Seasonic SS-500ET-F3 but as long as Seasonic produces most of Corsair PSU's (and they are internally same), I am asking here, too...


Do you have some info about the +5V SB transformers in Corsair VX450/HX520/HX620/TX650 (or Seasonic SS-, S12, M12) PSU's? They are 5+5pin with 3+3 pins used, labeled VEE19FB07 (or 05).

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That really does not matter to me as the PSU has no seal. The warranty is over anyway since it's older than 2 years.


High-quality PSU's does not die by themselfes so I see no problem in opening them. If I could make them better with minimal costs, it's worth to lose warranty...


EDIT: I disassembled the transformer, it has two primary and one secondary wiring. Transformation ratio is 18:1 and 6:1, now I only need to find equivalent model somewhere...

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