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Fans necessary?


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I just bought the Corsair CMG6GX3M3A1600C7 Dominator GT which came with (afaik) 2 60mm fans. Now do I need those fans or can I leave them away? They are quite loud compared to the other fans in my computer.


I have good airflow in my case.

I hope you can give me the needed information! Opening an RMA request didn't help, as all Corsair could say was: Please send us back you RAM and we will replace it (which I don't want to do, as I have absolutely no prolem with my RAM and the fan is working properly, its just loud)


Thanks a lot!

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IIRC the use of the fan is highly recommended but not mandatory for warranty purposes.

you might try an inline fan controller to kick down the fan speed a bit, that should quiet it down yet still help protect the modules against getting too hot..

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Do the RAM have an integrated temperature sensor? I mean, would the computer shut down if the RAM get too hot?

An other thing I was thinking of, was to buy the extended fins from Corsair. Can I replace the fins on my own or does Corsair have to do this?




I could place a 120mm fan inside the case on the right hand side of the ram, blowing air to the back of the case. Do you think that, together with the fins, this would help?

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