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P7P55D-E PRO Question


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Hi Guys


I recently upgraded my 775 system to the new 1156. Bought an ASUS P7P55D-E PRO, Core i5-750 and initially some CMX4GX3M2A1600C9, however one of the RAM modules were bad and I'm in the process of RMA back to newegg


Instead of buying the same modules, I purchased some CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 which are currently enroute.


I had Dominator modules before in my socket 775 system and loved them, never had an issue with them, however I'm a little skeptical since they are not on the compatbility chart on Corsair's website for that motherboard.


I did check ASUS's QVL and the first modules were not on the list AFAIK but they are listed on your site. The RAM which appears on the QVL that is the closest to ones I could find where the Dominator modules, same CAS8, OK for all A + B + C slots, I think they might have been the 3x2 GB modules and these are the 2x2 GB kit.


So really I'm hoping that these modules are going to work with my new board and that I'm not gonna have to return them again. I was kinda OK paying the extra 30 bux for Dominator modules, and although I'm not an insane overclocker I do like to do a modest overclock at times and like to have the headroom, although the CMX stuff was fine for overclocking, I thought perhaps the Dominator modules were a little higher quality, which I'm all for


Thanks for the help

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Thanks for the response man


No, I am not planning on installing both kits, like I said the first CMX kit had a bad module and I'm returning that kit and purchased the second CMD Dominator 4 GB kit which will be installed by itself, so if you feel the Dominator kit should run fine in the P7P55D-E PRO then that's great!


Could you also provide that memories specifications on timings? I understand it should be 8-8-8-24 but what setting should I select for the REF cycle, leave it on auto or set it manually to something specific? Are these modules 1N or 2N?


Also when that memory is running on auto BIOS settings with 1333 MHz frequency, should I still set the DRAM frequency to 1.65V or leave it on auto and let it run at basically 1.5V?


Thanks a lot, Corsair ROCK!!!


P.S. Besides the latency difference between the Dominator RAM and the standard XMS modules, what is the difference between those two specific modules (model numbers above), is the Dominator RAM truly higher quality modules than the other ones?

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Hi, thanks for the response


I had one last question, I received my CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 kit today and everything is running great! BIOS at default and XMP, memtest86+ fully passed.


I noticed on XMP the command rate sets automatically to 2T, when the BIOS is set to default and command rate is on auto it sets to 1T, is this RAM rated for 1T? Should I be able to run this RAM at 1600 MHz at 1T command rate?



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