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Memory exchange for alternate similar price product?


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Hi, I have purchased a 4Gb kit (2x2) from Ebuyer UK and it has been unused/unopened for a few weeks (under 28 days). I wanted to change it for a different corsair product and believed I had 28 days to do so but Ebuyer are saying there's been a mistake and they will only accept within 10 days request :(


They suggested I could try to contact Corsair and so I'm here asking if I can get an exchange? Both items are £100 give or take 1p as I purchased 1066Mhz kit but would like to change it for 800Mhz kit which has lower latency.


Can Corsair help me out? I have not used it as my computer is in bits waiting for other new parts. I have documentation and it can be checked with Ebuyer the purchase is under a month old.

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It is TWIN2X4096-8500C5


I was hoping to exchange for DDR2 800Mhz the one that has 4-4-4-12 timings :(


Can I underclock and (if necessary) undervolt it instead? I don't know what the timings would be at 800Mhz offhand would this set be capable of the above?

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