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H50 Rad Position within the 800D??


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Hi, A quick question about the position for the H50’s radiator unit, in the Obsidian 800D case :confused:


I’ve seen some cases with it mounted onto the rear case fan, others with it on the first of the three top case fans. Which is the best?


My system has finally finished build and has all the additional 800D case fans. Currently the H50 unit is setup within a push pull configuration, and is using the first of the top 3 case fans (one nearest the rear of the case).


The 3 top fans are set as exhaust fans; the rear case fan is left as an intake fan.


Any feedback on this configuration, and best location for the H50 to be used on would be great.


Thanks :biggrin:

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Based on our internal testing, using the rear fan position bringing cool air into the radiator from outside the case yields better temps. However, with a good push/pull setup, the top mount is not wrong or bad per se.


Thanks for the very fast reply, that’s much appreciated!


These forums have been a great source of knowledge for helping me out with my new system. I will try and get some pics posted either later or tomorrow.


Thanks once again for your help :sunglasse

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I just finished an Obsidian 800D build with the H50.


I did a push/pull config with the H50 as intake in the rear opening.

Two fans (rear and middle) on the top as exhaust.

One fan in the front in the 5.25" bays as intake (link)


The other two fans (HDD bay and bottom intake) were left as default.


My temps are pretty cool. ~35C idle and ~60C load for an i7 930 @ 4.0 GHz with 1.22v.


Overall, I was pretty happy with the H50 and Obsidian, although make sure you use the correct inserts for the H50 bracket. I used the wrong ones by mistake and that caused major problems when trying to fit the pump head under the bracket while mounting.

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I have mine in push/pull, using noctua fans, out of the top of the case, which results in cpu temps of 42-49 across all 4 cores of my 930.


Haven't yet tried the rear postion, nor pulling air in to the case.


Yellowbeard, was your testing on a stock 800D with H50, or did you have additional fans across the top?

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Hi Nick P , can you tell me what difference adding the scythe bay fan made esp to your gfx cards as my proc is running cool but gfx hotter than i would like , btw i have my H50 at top rear pulling in as push/pull and other tops as exhaust , rear fan is pulling in .
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