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Dominator GT fan noisy - options?


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Hi guys,


I expect some noise from the Dominator GT fan (CMG6GX3M3A2000C8) but mine changes pitch and often starts making a 'whistling' noise.


Wondering if this is normal? On an older system I had Corsair ram and fan, and that one made very little noise.


As far as I can tell the ram itself works perfectly, so is there anything I can do about the fan itself?


Cheers, Jez

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I've got the Same RAM in my computer. The Fans are extremely noisy.

My Case has got 3 120mm fans (2 in the front, 1 in the back) and one 230mm fan in the top rear. I could add another 120mm fan just beside the RAM.

So if there is good airflow, can I just leave away the ram-coolers? or do I really have to find a watercooling system because of the noisy ram-fans?

I'm not overclocking anything.

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