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Corsair H50-Phenom II X6?


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Just wondering.. Has anybody used the H50 to try and keep a Phenom II X6 cool yet? i really would like to keep my current H50 if it can keep the CPU cool enough since AMD is still on 45nm so it is likely to get fairly hot.


Any comments welcome, thanks in advance.

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Hey everyone just thought that I'd chime in

for now I'm using an ASROCK 890GX Extreme3 board until the Crosshair IV Extreme comes out.

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

AMD Phenom IIx6 1090T

w CMD8GXM4A1333C7

Clocked @ 4GHZ

The hottest core idles at 19.5 c

With stock cooler idled approx 38 c @ 3.8GHZ

Running stock H50 Fan inside CM Storm Sniper BE

Fans @ Max


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