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R60 disappear from Bios


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my R60 became invisible after W7 Ult. 64b goes in power save mode. Then if I press any key it restarts the OS and then on the next boot the SSD is not visible anymore in the Bios. Every time I've to unplug and plug it back. My motherboard has 2 different sata 2 controllers and the problem accours with both of them. I already have the latest FW for the motherboard.

I also I've checked the speed R/W and I've to say that after few test with ATTO the max Read speed is 50 mb/s less than declared on the drive specs.


W7 installation was done in IDE compatible mode, than I switched it to AHCI.


To me seems to be a FW issue or maybe it's already dying after 3 hours for the installation, 2 hours playing games and 10 hours in safe mode.


Any help would be really appreciate.


ps: please forgive me if you see any mistake but English is not my first language.

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Please check that you are running in AHCI Mode with the steps in this link.


I followed this link during the switching from IDE to AHCI


And for the time being I would suggest you disable suspend to Ram.


I'll try but I'm not sure it'll definitely solve all problems.


About the speed issue I read a Tip you gave to another user. I'll give a try.



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I made those changes but they helped only for first 2 days. Now the bios doesn't find it anymore.

I'll see if I can get a replacement from my supplier else RMA.

Noone needs an hard drive where you must open the case every day, unplug it, plug it back, enter the bios, pray a little bit, reconfigure the boot order and start windows again.


15 minutues instead of 7 seconds.

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it's connected directly into the MB.

I give up, there is no reason this HD gives me problems while the other one works fine. I already switched the cables and the problem still occurs.

Ram Guy, I think there is no much left to do. I Thank you for your time. Next week I'll find the time to reinstall everything on a new HD, then I'm going to test the R60 on a low profile Pc at work and I'll see if it's an HD problem or an incompatibility between the R60 and the Chipset Intel X58

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I still didn't fill up any RMA.

I ordered another HD where I would like to place the image of the SSD R60 then I'd like to try a new W7 installation in another Pc.

I disabled on W7 all settings about saving energy except for the screen. It was working fine till yesterday where I had to unplug and plug it back again. I was not there so I'm not sure what happened.

I still have some speed issue but I need to format the HD and reinstall the OS before I can address this problem.


Before I fill any RMA I want to be 100% sure I made all test I can.



I found this for Windows 7 and I also have a 1.5 Tb Hard Drive


Maybe it can help.

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OK, I think I made all tests I could.

After testing the R60 on a Optiplex 360, without any other hard drive, only the SSD I think I can finally say that this HD doesn't work properly.

Suspend mode was set to S3 on the optiplex and AUTO on the Home PC.

When it enters the sleep mode it has problems to come up again. Unfortunatelly there is not way to get the error message from the log because W7 can't write on the disk.

I've experienced same issue even if the sleep mode is disabled, but in this case happens less often, about once per week.

Should I RMA it?

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