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HX1000 - Less electrical buzz in the 3rd gpu card pci-e slots


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I know it's my 3rd topic regarding the electrical buzz but here's the deal:




When I connect the video card to the GPU 3 sockets(The slots marked with red) , I get less electrical buzz.




GPU 1 & 2 = Buzz

GPU 3 or CPU = Less buzz


Here's how it looks like:




Obviously there's something wrong with the PSU since EIST / E1C are disabled ,vsync on , different HOME power outlet , still buzzez at every single 3D action, and I've tested this on both W7 64 and XP 32 , w/ drivers , no drivers , blah.


You guys gave me a RMA authorization (which I thank) for my first PSU but I really couldn't afford to ship it in Holland since that would cost me somewhere around 50-100 euros,so I had to argue with the provider and get my money back .Then with my money back I bought another Corsair HX1000 from a different store and these guys won't replace my PSU because they think it's normal. What can I do next Corsair?

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