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Help! Motherboard/Ram voltage problem


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Hi, I have an Asrock p55 Pro mobo and a XMS3 TWX3X4G1333C9DHX G Memory sticks.

The trouble is these sticks are rated to run at 1.5v, but my motherboard only allows 1.559v in the Bios, the default is 1.615v in the bios.

When i was running at 1.615v there were smells of something burning, then i looked on specs. and found that my ram should run at 1.5v .

I have tried and tested overclocks up to 4GHz with 1.559v and they are stable with good temps. as well, but running at normal or under clock speeds i still get some smells.

The bios does allow me to go any lower than 1.559v.

Can you please advice.


My Rig is:

i5 750

Asrock P55 pro


Corsair H-50

ATI Radeon 5770

Artic 700W

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The modules can run up to 2.0 Volts with our VOIDing the warranty so that should not be a problem.


Hi, i did a Memtest with individual sticks of Ram and the second stick failed.I have been testing with both upto now and didn't find a fault.

Also a new bios update gave me options for 1.5v.

I am so relieved to have found the problem,i have been getting this since i built the new rig.:o:

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Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”


Thanks for your help,i am sending them back today,i was wondering if i could get a different set of Ram, i.e. DDR3 1600C9 (2X2GB)-12800C9,I would pay the extra if needed.

If possible could you suggest a set for me.


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