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tx750 PSU - too loud


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I've got a tx750w power supply. I bought it to get some headroom since i might want to run more demanding crossfire setups in the future. I realise that the system will have a higher noise signature when running games so I'm not complaining about the psu being too loud during load, but i really wished for the system to be quiet when running idle.


At first i thought the noise was due to a resonance issue in my old computer case, so I bought a noise absorbing fractal design R2 case.

To my astonishment the level of sound was not reduced. The sound came from the exhaust of the power supply and there's no way for me to further reduce the sound. The character of the sound is not a buzz or electrical. It is the sound of the fan pushing air, a lot of air.


This makes it impossible for me to build a near quiet system. It doesn't matter if i keep the case closed or open since it's the power supply that generates the sound and the sound itself emanates from the exhaust of the power supply.


The PSU fan is by far the loudest part in my system and it doesn't seem like there's anything i can do about it. Basically, i think the fan is running at a too high speed in a idle setting. I've read quite a few reviews stating that the tx750 is a silent psu, is the fan noise supposed to be the loudest of my components?


Components that generate sound are:

4 fractal design 120mm silent fans, running at full speed (1000rpm)

1 no-name 120mm fan, running at half speed (1200rpm)

Xigmatek HDT s1284 CPU cooler

2 amd/ati HD 3850 reference cards


Idle system wattage is 201w (One 19" and one 15" monitor is included in the figures, so deduct approx 40-50w)

The PSU is mounted at the bottom of the case on rubber screws and there's a thin padding between the case and the PSU to avoid vibration.

The PSU is getting cool air from below the case and the dust filter is clean.

The case temperature is 29C.

It doesn't really matter if the side door of the case is closed or not, the sound coming from the PSU exhaust is still the loudest.


What can I do to make the PSU less loud? Can the fan be tuned down somehow? If not, can the PSU be replaced with a more quiet one and in that case which one? I would really like to stick to Corsair products in the future even if my only solution would be to change PSU.

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